The Business Interface Corporate Culture

Companyís objectives:

1.To honor God in all we do;
2.To help people
3.To pursue excellence;
4.To grow profitably.

We here at Business Interface are striving to build a Christian corporate culture which will include the principles of servant leadership. Servant leadership is an approach to leadership development, coined and defined by Robert Greenleaf and advanced by several authors. Servant leadership means putting people first and recognizing that my wife and I as owners or our managers of our business are responsible in part for the welfare of our employees. Under God, we are a stewards of this enterprise. It encourages leaders to serve others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization's values and integrity.                          


Unlike leadership approaches with a top-down
hierarchical style, Servant Leadership instead emphasizes collaboration, trust, empathy, and the ethical use of power. At heart, the individual is a servant first, making the conscious decision to lead in order to better serve others, not to increase their own power. The objective is to enhance the growth of individuals in the organization and increase teamwork and personal involvement. Unless you work somewhere where the inmates are running the asylum, the corporate culture is set by management. If we want our businessí culture to represent the values of the teaching of Christóitís up to all of us! It involves more than putting the little fish logo on our business cards.