Note: Training is delivered in specific components or in its entirety based on the level of employability of the participants and number of attendees. The length of the training is also modified based on the progress of the participants.


Training Title: Call Center Agent

Subject Matter:
Workforce Development Training

Class size:
Not to exceed 15

Lesson Length: 
3 weeks 90 clock hours (30 hours a week).

Instruction Type:
Lecture/Group Discussions/Presentations/Role Play

 This course will introduce the essential skills and qualities that enable a call center agent to be successful and effective in their role with the customer and in the business. Business Interface has created a call center simulated environment that will include a Voice Over IP network that will be linked to technology in the classroom. Students will also be introduced to several industries that utilize call centers as primary customer service contact.

Learning Objective:
Upon completion of the training program participants will have the basic skill set that meets industry standards for placement in entry-to mid-level call center agent jobs. Key learning points include call center performance, processes, productivity, and end-results measurements. :


Certificate Awarded for Training Completion. Graduates of the program receive a Certification of Completion.  Training is designed for persons in contact center sales, service, and support frontline roles.

Training is currently offered in the District of Columbia. Coming soon to the Baltimore City center.