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Our strategy for job placement and related services follows a financially sound business model that is designed to predict the outcome of your investment. So that there is a marketable return, Business Interface seeks only those workforce development activities where there is a clear monetary benefit to utilizing our services. This is possible because of several strategies. Business Interface:

  • Targets business clients that offer full-time non-seasonal employment
  • Negotiates an average wage 42% above minimum wage
  • Provides retention services that help secure longer terms of employment for the participants
  • Offers secure and accurate reporting processes resulting in reliable data

Finally, investing in our services  not only helps to reduce the poverty levels by employing America’s disadvantaged, there is an economic benefit for the community where the individuals reside. Using our Return on Investment (ROI) model, with $500,000, 120 placements and an average wage of $10.00 an hour, the total in gross earnings would be $772,761. Of that amount, an estimated $212,509 will be paid in federal, state, social security ad local taxes. The remaining amount, $560,255, would be used for discretionary spending and economic development within the community.  This ROI is even more impressive if you consider that the majority of these individuals before placement received benefits and services provided by taxpayers!

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Our work is not done until poverty…ceases to exist.  One person at a time we can and must uplift the unacceptable condition of our nation’s poor.