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Our services encompass a proven and innovative demand-driven intermediary model, community-wide collaboration and a targeted approach for securing employment opportunities for non-traditional populations in high-growth job opportunities above minimum wage levels.  Ex-offenders, at-risk youth, former welfare recipients, other underemployed, and unemployed individuals are exposed and offered an opportunity that:

        Engages the business community in the development of strategies for eliminating barriers that hinder the target populationís ability to work and remain employed.

        Provides intensive and comprehensive supports involving training, barrier remediation and ongoing technical assistance.

        Secures stable and well paying jobs that provide benefits and career ladder opportunities.

        Provides employer access to a competent and available workforce in fields where there are extreme shortages of entry to mid-level workers.

Populations served: 

 Former Welfare Recipients
 At-risk Youth
 Adult and Youth Offenders
 Under and unemployed

 Industries Employed:

 Hospitality/Food Services
 Legal Servics
 Financial Services