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Our role as a demand-side workforce intermediary  is valued by our employer partners. Demand-side refers to a focus on the labor market needs of the local business community in the design of employment programs that prepare individuals for the workforce. By taking this extra step to understand our business clients' needs, our services have historically met or often exceeded their placement expectations. Because our objective is to deliver the impoverish from economic dependence to independence, our model helps to change the socioeconomic scope of the population we serve.  

Our job readiness preparation is customized to the needs, interests and skill level of the candidate. The individual is prescreened using the hiring criteria established by the prospective employer. This ensures the individual is not only a good fit, but the best fit for your long-term needs. 

Business Interface is able to assist businesses grow and be more productive by identifying entry to mid-level workers that are qualified, prepared and ready for employment. In addition, help to control high turnover in these critical positions by focusing on employee retention. 

Our new training programs are designed to help individuals build important skill sets that are important for entering the workplace regardless of industry. Classes focus on basic computer, reading, math, and telephone skills; several areas of managing customer service; workplace culture/diversity, and ettiquette; and, can be customized to incorporate skills unique to your business environment. Samples include call center, warehousing, retail, business services, etc. Learn more about our  programs...

We are in the business of making businesses whole, while concurrently helping economically disadvantaged populations sustain meaningful and stable employment.

Populations served: 

Former Welfare
At-risk Youth
Adult and Youth Offenders
Under and unemployed

Industries Employed:

Hospitality/Food Services
Legal Services
Financial Services
Administrative Support