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We build capacity among businesses and organizations interested in serving disadvantaged Americans through


Link Businesses to Formidable Workforces
We aggregate the workforce needs of our employer partners and then effectively link them to qualified entry to mid-level workers from nontraditional pools of labor. We know where the candidates are and more importantly, we know how to identify the employer/employee match that suits your workplace needs.

Build Capacity Among Community Organizations
We forge strategic relationships with local faith-and community-based organizations, public service agencies and One Stop Career Centers to help accentuate each partner’s role in preparing nontraditional populations for employment. As a result, we offer a seamless service delivery strategy that is responsive, customer-focused, results-oriented, and accountable.

Assure Workforce Quality & Preparedness
We leverage our organizational alliances and expertise in workforce development to ensure that candidates presented to our employer partners are prepared and ready to perform.  Our hands-on approach to skills training, job readiness and placement is designed to remove all roadblocks to long-term labor market attachment.  With the assistance of our community partners, our candidates are equipped with supportive services such as child care, transportation, work attire, and other basic resources that help increase the likelihood of success in the employment relationship.

Offer Socially Responsible Business Models
For businesses that seek to help raise disadvantaged Americans out of poverty and are open to innovative solutions to satisfying critical labor market shortages, our employment model is for you! Our approach offers a readied, qualified, ambitious, and productive workforce.

We continually seek businesses that share the same values for placement opportunities. Please contact us
at info@businessinterfacellc.com.